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Divert all plastic products and packaging utilized with containers from the landfill and utilize central shop to consolidate plastic scrap and provide credits on future purchases as outlined below:
  • Plastic Container Lids (any brand)
  • Plastic Commercial 2 – 8 yard Containers
  • Plastic Recycle Bins
  • Plastic Residential Carts
  • Over time evaluate other products that accumulate including plastic drums, pallets, truck and car fenders, etc...
Material Calculation Each
  • 2 yd. Commercial Plastic Container 125 lbs. x .10¢ $12.50
  • Residential Cart 30 lbs. x .10¢ $3.00
  • Plastic Container Lid 12 lbs. x .10¢ $1.20
  • Plastic Recycle Bin 4 lbs. x .06¢ $0.24
How to Participate: (Contact Duane Zoldak 888-999-5278)
  • Remove the garbage and densify/consolidate by stacking the parts and strapping the parts to skids if possible
  • Remove the axles and wheels which could all be put into PRT caster crate for transport back – You do NOT need to remove the lids – residential carts can be typically stacked 8 high
  • Recycling bins can be stacked some 40 high and lids can be stacked on the PRT pallet and strapped
  • Remove the casters and forks of the plastic 2 yards which can be stacked some five high
  • PRT will assist with on-site labor to disassemble and package items – amount will be deducted from rebate
  • PRT will coordinate the date and pick-up that is convenient with the location
  • A minimum of 10,000 pounds of material is needed to request pick-up and some examples could be 700 dumpster lids and 100 residential carts or 10 two yard , 400 dumpster lids, 100 residential carts and 200 recycling bins
  1. Within 3 days of pick-up of the plastic PRT will email the location a credit detailing weight and value of the credit for the location
  2. The credit will automatically be applied to next month's invoice from the same location
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